We provide support all along the deployment of our technologies to meet your needs:

  • Feasibility study – You want to know if our technology can solve your problems? : we carry out feasibility studies on your use-case to estimate if our technology is adapted.
  • Instrumental development – our instrumentation is suitable for your application but not for the common spectral ranges ? POP’s technical team will select and design the most suitable spectral instrumentation to meet your needs.
  • Sensor deployment – our solutions works for your use case and you wish to deploy the technology on a small and medium scale ? The POP team will assist you in implementing the technology.
  • Creation of actionable data – Do you want to obtain enabling data from your sensors and limit post-processing time? we can assist you in creating a spectral data interpretation model suited to your needs, with implementations into the sensor.
  • Integration of proprietary algorithms – Do you own a specific algorithm that can bring out the best from the compressive sensing approach ? We can integrate it in our devices for your usages or remunerate you from its further usages.